In Piso 18 your feelings are going to be alert as you harmonize your residence.

Offering contemporary style with a simple and functional decoration, presenting wide spaces and lightning with light colors, straight line furniture and discretional details.

Classic Style, a warm environment will give you a rest sensation because of the fancy details.

Modern Style, a space sensation is made thanks to the simplicity of a relaxing and fashionable decoration 

The perfect formula to be part of your Life Style is based in our team work with Architects, Inner Designers and our inventory of products from the best brands in furniture for interior and exterior design.

For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.

Andrée Putman


In Piso 18, our inventory based with the best brands in Interior and Exterior furniture will bring you more value and sophistication; Bathroom Furniture, Lightning, Doors, Kitchens and guard ropes or personal designs made by the best producers of the globe.

Our high quality and vanguard work will offer you the best satisfaction.

  • Ohio 20
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Kitchen & Carpentry
  • La Fontaine
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Naos
    Rosarito, Sonora
    Kitchen, Outdoor
    Furniture & Doors
  • Nima Bay
    Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
    Wardrobes & Doors
  • Lope de Vega
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Kitchen & Carpentry
  • Central Park
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Kitchen & Carpentry
  • Scala Santa Fe
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Arquimedes 13
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Campache 272
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Galileo
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Millet
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Kitchen & Carpentry
  • Residencial Montjuic
    Metepec, México
  • Las Olas Marinas
    Cancún, Quintana Roo
  • Sierra Guadarrama
    (Cuarto Muestra)
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Hegel
    (En desarrollo)
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Marina Turquesa
    Cancún, Quintana Roo

When I'm working on a problem, I never think about Beauty, I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.

Richard Buckminster Fuller


In Piso 18 conditioning resorts comes to life; we create the perfect environment so you can enjoy your stay in every sense.

Our passion for service and designing is reflected in our team work with Architects, Inner Designers and Craftsmen to deliver the ideal project no matter if is asked for a cosmopolitan city, contemporary city, in a beach, ecological reservation, business or pleasure, the best solution will be done by Piso 18.

Our inventory is formed by the best brands in Interior and Exterior furniture,  Bathroom Furniture, Lightning, Doors and even Kitchens, we also offer personal designs from the best producers of the globe.

  • Westin Santa Fe Hotel
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Westin Guadalajara Hotel
    Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Hilton Reforma Hotel
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Business Center
  • JW Marriot ( Show Room)
    Mexico City, Mexico
    35 rooms Furniture
  • Cassa Residence Hotel
    New York, USA
    48 rooms Furniture
  • Plaza Residence
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Las Suites
    Campos Elíseos
    Mexico City, Mexico

Hospitality Procurement

El servicio de “Hospitality Procurement” de Piso 18, es una experiencia integral gracias a la formula desarrollada por el mejor equipo de trabajo, poder de compra global, experiencia de gestión, conocimiento del mercado y amplia cartera de proveedores lo da como resultado el ser la mejor opción para gestión de proyectos a cualquier escala.

Desarrollamos FF&E y OS&E buscando los mejores productos y servicios a los precios más competitivos, que cumplan con los estándares más altos de eficiencia, atención al cliente y calidad; somos meticulosos para lograr la perfección.

Nuestro método de trabajo nos permite actuar como consultores, mayoristas, compradores y agentes logísticos - Todo en uno.

...We need space that liberates us from terra firma, allowing our spirits to soar and our imaginations to take flight.

John Saladino



We are a Mexican company, leader in interior design and residential equipment projects, commercial and resort projects worldwide, with a vast variety of high quality products such as interior and exterior furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and lightning from the best brands around the world we also manufacture special designs with the best materials and finishes.

We offer an integral service, from the interior design proposal, product importation, installation and maintenance with the best quality controls:

  • Interior Design Management: Commercial, Resorts and Residential projects
  • Furniture Importation: Italian, German, Spanish and American brands
  • Self-Manufacture: Taylor-made and modular carpentry MADE IN ITALY..
  • Maintenance and port-sale service

Piso 18, represents passion, innovation, versatility, modernism, profitability, trust, quality and excellence, all through our multidisciplinary experienced team who combines experience with expertise.
Our costumer driven partners, work with skills and commitment.
The excellence of our team has a reason to be: Make your dreams come true.



We are a Mexican company leader in projects of Interior and Turnkey equipment of Residential, Commercial and hotel developments on a global scale, with the widest variety of products of the highest quality in interior and exterior furniture, kitchens, closets, doors, baths and decorative Lighting of the most prestigious marks.


Giving accurate and sophisticated solutions, overcoming our customers’ expectations.  Improving social life.


  • PASSION: “Passion for designing, new ideas, vanguard and quality. Desire of giving our best and evolve every day. ”
  • INNOVATION: “The best solutions are created by our finest team of professionals gathered to give our customers a unique life time experience. ”
  • VERSATILITY: “Our customer’s needs, demands and dreams are always our first priority so every project is unique for us.”
  • TREND SETTING: “Updated with the last vogue in inner design and the best quality in our products ”
  • PROFITABILITY: “Our customer´s investment is safe with us by receiving the best European product for the best price.”
  • TRUST: “We are allowed to offer our customers security because we have strong commercial relationships and we have professional experts in our work team.”
  • QUALITY: We are known as a high profile enterprise because we work with the best and most sophisticated products.



Piso 18 is dynamic, innovative and always trendsetter of design.  Our partners have found in our company a pleasant working environment, because our projects, our beautiful office and showroom, and our goal to create design solutions to satisfy our costumer’s requirements.

We are a company that lives creativity, and we are so proud of our ability for work in a multi-disciplinary level.

If you have what it takes to be part of our great team, then write us enclosing your resume to this email address

We are waiting for you.


Showroom Flexform

Av. Prado Sur 125
Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000
Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX
T. +52 55 7030 2200

Showroom B&B Italia

Av. Pdte. Masaryk 275
Polanco, 11550
Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX
T. +52 55 5281 5551

Flexform NY

155 East 56th Street.
New York, NY 10022
T: +1 (212) 355 2328


2699 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127
T: +1 (786) 558 7176

Avenida Constituyentes No. 1070, Planta Baja
Lomas Altas, CDMX, 11950

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FRIDAY 9:00 TO 15:00 hrs.

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